Making, the final stages of a DA

So, the ideating and prototyping stages are finished, what comes next?


A stage identified as one of the final steps of creating a digital artefact (or anything really). Although, technically speaking there is a stage of continuous improvement where your artefact is never really truly finished as it should be continuously changing and evolving.

In terms of my digital artefact, this stage has been one of the hardest. Finding time to create content is difficult, and there is often a sort of let down after you finally post it. With such a small audience (as of right now), the feedback is limited and generally underwhelming.

From here, I’ve started to do more research into how an Instagram can become more successful (organically), I stumbled across THIS blog which I though had some interesting points on how one could grown their following. Some of the takeaway points were:

  • Creating quality content: So possibly investing in better equipment to create better quality pictures
  • Utilise captions: Using this space for all its potential, don’t just write a few words!
  • Use a business profile: The analytics Instagram provides are actually useful!
  • Asking your audience questions: This can boost engagement.
  • Showing up every day: Making sure to post or update your audience every day!

Although I had, or was already doing some of these things, I knew I could try and do better and work on some of these points. Making more regular postings and trying my best to capture quality content seemed to be what needed most work.

In order to post more regularly I needed to expand my original idea from just places to visit in the Illawarra area, to other lifestyle topics such as fashion and beauty. (Here is what Ive posted so far).

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 1.39.38 pm.png

My analytics have proved useful, they showed that photos with someone in them do better than my scenery photos (generally speaking). Heres my level of impressions on each photo. As you can see, the photos of me did better than just scenery. So in response I’m trying to make sure that the majority of my photos I post have someone in them.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.22.28 pm.pngBuilding upon this knowledge, I’ve started using Instagram stories (and creating highlights from these) to post content that I know either won’t fit into the aesthetic of my page or won’t get as much engagement.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 1.46.06 pm.pngAll in all, this DA has been a rollercoaster of learning moments. And the learning most certainly isn’t finished. All I can do now is keep posting, and keep adjusting my content as necessary. Continuous improvement is extremely important in order to create a successful digital artefact, and its something I will be embracing!


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